Are you sick and tired of your past relationship sabotaging your happiness today?

Is your self-doubt and low self-esteem preventing you from experiencing the love you desperately seek?  

Are you ruminating about your past and feeling shame, resentment, and anger?

If this sounds like you, I get it. I’ve been in your shoes before and it’s quite upsetting not to know how to get back on track towards the simple things we are all craving: Peace, Happiness and Love.

Picture a today where the troubles from your past relationship don't spoil your happiness anymore.

Picture yourself feeling liberated, free, hopeful, optimistic, motivated and thrilled about a fresh start and a new beginning.


Picture feeling so high-value that you’re magnetizing high-value partners and career opportunities your way.

If this feels like a distant dream to you, it's not. You can turn it into reality.

Just as I did.

When I went through my divorce, I tried to self-help by doing everything the internet told me to do but it was so overwhelming that I stopped. 

I needed a simple step-by-step process to help me get back on track. This is why I created Heartbreak to High Value first and foremost for ME

Due to popular demand, I am sharing the entire framework with you on this Heartbreak to High-Value course to help you get your power and spark back after divorce or breakup without spending thousands of dollars.

The secret to sustaining a healthy relationship with a partner is learning how first have a healthy relationship with yourself. 


This is what Heartbreak to High Value is all about.


I will show you how to turn your pain into purpose, your emotional wounds into wisdom and your failures into success!

The way I did.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Survey

    1. Dissecting Underlying Issues

    2. Exercise 1

    3. Quiz 1

    4. Realize Your Resilience

    5. Exercise 2

    6. Learning How To Self-Love

    7. Exercise 3

    1. Knowing Your Primary Core Values

    2. Exercise 4

    3. Clarifying Secondary Values

    4. Exercise 5

    5. Quiz 2

    6. BONUS: Personal Story On How I Honored Myself And My Values

    7. BONUS - Red Flags and How to Avoid Them

    8. How to Know and Set Your Boundaries

    9. Challenge 1

    10. BONUS - How to Make The Right Decisions Using Your Intuition

    11. Activity 1

    12. Create A Supportive Community

    13. Activity 2

    14. How to Create A Brand New Lifestyle That Will Lead To A Brand New YOU

    15. Challenge 2

    1. From your Comfort Zone to Your Growth Zone

    2. Exercise 7

    3. Quiz 3

    4. A Roadmap On How To Achieve New Goals

    5. Exercise 8

    6. BONUS - Exclusive Exercise: How to Manifest And Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

    7. Exercise 9

    8. Why Giving Back is Important

    9. Challenge 3

    10. How Gratitude Can Impact Your Transformation

    1. Closing

    2. Survey

    3. Downloadable Resources

About this course

  • 37 lessons
  • 19 Videos
  • 10 Activities

Sabrina Aman

Confidence Coach, Documentary Director, & Charity Founder

I'm a Confidence Coach dedicated to helping you rebuild your confidence after Divorce or Breakup. I'm quite passionate about my work because I share a similar journey to yours. I know how hurtful and scary it feels to come out of a relationship not knowing what to do next. I know how it feels to feel lost and unmotivated. And most of all, I know how it feels to lose your confidence. After spending too much time researching , learning and finding ways to self-help, I found the amount of information out there exhausting so I stopped and created a simple framework that helped me get my spark back after my divorce. I'm here to teach you how to do the same. Also known as a documentary filmmaker on humanitarian and social issues as well as the founder of a charity that serves refugee camps in Africa, I am passionate about using my voice to tell important stories that lead to positive change individually and globally.
Sabrina Aman Image



Real HouseWives of Potomac Cast member, Washington D.C.

"You're incredible Sabrina. You've helped me a lot with your words of inspiration and motivation to help me feel like myself again, especially in this new season of my life. The impact you've made on my life is incredibly significant. Thank you!"

Rehab Taha

Nutritionist and Physical Trainer, Belgium

"Sabrina gave me the simplest routines to implement in my life. They have become a part of my daily life. It changed my life. I'm looking good again. I have energy. I'm smiling. I'm laughing again. I'm not that grumpy mommy anymore. I'm not that grumpy daughter anymore. I'm not that person in the family that's always in a bad mood. I've changed."

Yukiko Ide

TV Producer, NYC

"I had a different life coach in the past when I started my own business, but the reason I chose Sabrina this time was because I resonated with her story so much. I am an immigrant as well, and although I didn’t go through a divorce, after getting a PTSD (medical trauma) diagnosis I was terrorized with flashbacks and depression took over me for months. I was desperate to get my spark back, but I none of the methods I used in the past worked. I realized it was time to ask for professional help. Sabrina’s breakup to breakthrough program really gave me direction after my diagnosis and I am so happy to say that I am looking forward to my future again because of Sabrina’s course. Thank you so much for giving me my spark back, Sabrina!"


Marketing Director & Real Estate Guru, Texas

"Sabrina helped me through one of the most difficult periods of my life which was my divorce. With her routines and coaching she guided me to stop stressing out as much as I was before and really be strategic in order to get the outcome I wanted. I also gained more confidence, self-awareness, gratitude, knowledge, and foresight throughout the process. I would recommend her for anyone who is not just divorcing, but walking through any tough season!"

Sonia Perez

Teacher, Chicago

"The biggest blessing is having my family and my friends tell me "Sonia you're different. You act different. You speak different. What's going on?" And I attribute that to Sabrina."

Delina Haileab


"Talking with you helped me realize that deep down in my heart, I knew which path I wanted to take and what was best for me. It was a matter of trusting that gut feeling. I truly would not have come to that realization if I hadn't spoken to you! The phrase "trust your gut" is such a cliche and therefore it's difficult to know what that truly entails, but you helped me figure out what that meant for me and my situation. You were an empathetic listener and during our conversation you helped me put the thought I had into words, which made me feel validated."

Eunice Adebiyi

Interior Designer, London

"I cannot thank you enough for the effort and time taken to teach me the art of inward deep transitional change in my already hectic life. I wore so many hats that I had lost a part of me in the chaos. I now have a clear path to success which begins with me. I've never felt so confident and in control with what the future offers but more importantly being able to take control of the opportunities present. Your sessions have changed my life."

Aaron Torres

Los Angeles, Cinematographer

"I have found you to be incredibly intuitive and a wonderful listener. You know how to break down problems and provide guidance in a non judgmental way. Your advice and coaching have not only led me to huge advances in my career but also to making better choices in my personal relationships. You are someone I can count on and that is worth everything. You're incredible!"

Sonia Velor

Producer, France

"Thank you for guiding me when I was at my lowest. You've helped me put things into perspective and see my worth. I'll forever be grateful. You are light."


  • Does the course exclusively cater to divorced women?

    The course welcomes both men and women, regardless of their relationship status. It is designed for those seeking to acquire the skills to rebuild confidence, enhance self-worth, and find purpose, with the aim of improving existing relationships or attracting a new wonderful partner.

  • What are the payment options?

    Payment by Credit Card or PayPal is required to complete your purchase and gain immediate access to your course. We accept: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

  • What advantages does e-learning bring to individuals?

    Learning at your own pace with no fixed schedule. Our training is accessible on demand, 24/7.

  • What device should I use for the course?

    You are welcome to use desktop or mobile. However, Desktop/Laptop is recommended for optimum experience and user-friendly exercises and quizzes. Desktop Compatibility: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge Mobile Compatibility: iOS Safari, Chrome, Samsung Internet

  • Is it possible to cancel enrollment and obtain a refund?

    All purchases are considered final. Regrettably, we do not offer refunds, cancellations, or exchanges.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Lifetime Access.

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    You can go at the speed that works best for you. We suggest finishing this course including exercises within two weeks.

  • What form of payments do you accept?

    We accept Credit Card or Paypal.

  • How is the eCourse structured?

    Each video will be accompanied by an exercise, a challenge or quiz. To get a sneak peek, sign up, create an account, and then enroll in the Free Preview.